The White and Only Whale concept

This is the post excerpt.


Since years already I’ve been looking for a solution for families with autism. 


I know a couple with a child and know their problems very well. Their child was diagnosed when he was 2.5. Now the boy is 11. 

During last 8 years the mother devoted her life for supporting their son and invested all her soul in providing all possible ways of help. In the same time the father was focused on developing his company. Thank that development they could have enough money for therapies and it helped their child a lot. On the other hand I’m also aware that in most cases people cannot afford it.

Since I’ve always been close to them I’m sharing this story with this couple. 

End of last Summer I eventually found what I had been looking for. I decided to start building a program for supporting families with autism by giving an example. The mentioned example is simply doing what I can for showing how individuals can benefit from collaboration in the whole world working together as a big family where autism gives them all some fun and happiness from helping each other. 

So I will be using all possible free tools at hand and the information I might collect for my purpose in order to achieve my task. 

I will inspire people around and give the power to go for the goals planned and benefit from results collected step by step.

 My main target is to move forward all people coping with difficulties like: serious illness, lack of faith and low selfopinion. 

The idea came after many months of analysing different ways and opportunities of how to create a program for supporting families who are faced with the phenomenon of authism themselves. 

When they get an autishistic child and suddenly the whole life seems to collapse. 

My idea came from experience collected in my life by going through different changes and being able to survive difficulties many people haven’t dreamt of. 

I have achieved all that I wanted and I’m ready to share this knowledge now. I hope my job will help many people in everyday life and will influence others to go this way. 

My target is to weekly update the progress and collect people around who want to try. I’ve been working on it since two weeks after I discovered what to do. 

The name White Whale is ambivalent and powerful. It may mean an obsession and it may be a good example what needs to be done well. The animal itself is great and unique. The potential of authistic people like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Andy Warholl, Charles Darwin has been shown by their achievements for the human race. 

These are the human White Whales to follow, to admire and to love. If we look at authism this way it will simplify everything. 

This is like a different human being. Neither better nor worse. Simply different but full of unique skills and internal capabilities we may set free if we only stay attentive. 

That’s it. 

I’d like hereby  to invite everybody to participate in our challenge and start chasing the White Whale together. 

Let’s go get him!

8 months’ analysis

It’s time to review the short history of this blog and take next conclusions.

Almost 2 months ago at the beginning of June I noticed that a good schedule along with weekly discopline are the pillars of success in blogging.
I didn’t realise that in fact I almost didn’t have time at all and shouldn’t write anything without a solid foundation with a realistic execution possibility. 

What happened? Simple story: I focused on work and entirely fell in operational matters  of my job. Travelling around Europe and having 2 companies in the Old World plus other 2 in Russia produces enough challenges every day. 

July is almost behind and I’m focusing on sales plan execution for this quarter is very important due to holiday season. Excuses, excuses, excuses! I know! Guilty is the one, who explains…  
Almost the whole of June was devoted to two four day events in 2 different countries I needed to coordinate and then consume their results with my teams. I didn’t take it into consideration either while planning in the past.

In May I spent a lot of time on social media development of my company. I developed a lot and learned a lot too. 
In March and April I wanted to transform into a Crossfit beast. Shortly after this idea appeared I got a flu and lost 3 weeks. Then I started slowly again in fact completely out of presented schedule. I will complete this task in the next 3 months.

In February I was in Kazakhstan and was focused on business plans modification due to market changes.

In January I started at the full speed with the project.

So what is now and what went well?

I’m coming back to the schedule and want to put 2 posts here. This is the first one this week.

I’m still training fighting twice a week. I’m reading 3-4 books a month. I fully ceased to drink alcohol in April and after quitting with cigarettes in November last year I’m still discovering new resources in my stronger body and a clearer mind. 

Recently I met new ideas about how to help autistic people and I’m also happy that it is happening now when I have a lot of work problems. 

I found much more time for myself and even if I didn’t complete my goals I know I will do it. 

The most important thing is to carry on and this is the main conclusion. 

I’m happy to start again…

See you soon.

Coping with lack of time – scheduling the blog

I assume everybody feels that from time to time when there are so many things around and it’s hard to find a minute for a blog.

Some say this is procrastination others may call it laziness. I call it prioritizing and postponing the less important matters today for future.

So the simple idea now is when can I write a blog? I’m using a minute now to clarify it loudly for myself and maybe you.

Toooo much! That’s the conclusion. When we take too much we never have enough time to simultaneously keep up with all obligations so we need to prioritize and focus on the most important ones.

In order to keep up we need one simple word which is discipline. Wherever happens things must be done one time. We cannot postpone a breakfast of our child. The same with their school and doing duties in our work on time.

The same with the blog: deadlines and time frames we need to fix for a disciplined execution.

So today it starts. 

The posts will be done 2 times a week. By Wednesday it may be Tuesday and Saturday.

We are joining forces now!

We will be building an organisation together now. 

This project requires people, full commitment and a plan.

People first then we’ll decide what to do together.

3 things we need from every team member is:

1.  Motivation (I want to know what drives you in general and what moved you to come here).

2.  Time (Do you really have time to go for it?)

3.  Experience with Autism. (If you don’t know what it is, go and meet autistic people, spend some time with them).

Answer the above and contact me please as soon as you are ready!